Pokemon-Card-Generator 2.0

Welcome to the Pokemon Card Generator 2.0, a rebuilt version of my very first app using an API. This project was quite sentimental to me as it’s first iteration was the project that kicked off my love of web development and the power of RESTful APIs. I decided to rebuild it in 2023 to improve the apps scalability using NextJS and TypeScript.

See the project live: https://pipers-pokemon-app.netlify.app/

Makes use of PokeAPI.co to randomly generate a Pokemon card. You can also choose your own Pokemon by its dex number, and cycle through the Pokedex using the arrow keys.

How to use the Pokemon card generator.

Running it locally: npm run dev.

Current future goals

Some testing Validation in case the API is down or is updated in some way

** Thanks so much for checking out my project! Find me on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/piperbates **